November 9, 2022

8 in 10 School Referendums Pass

8 in 10 School Referendums Pass Featured Image

Wisconsin voters approved more than 80 percent of school referendums on the ballot in the Fall General Election.

82.7 percent (67 questions passed, 14 failed) of the school funding referendums passed, with success rates of:

  • Debt: 84.6 percent (33 passed, 6 failed)
  • Non-recurring to exceed the revenue limit: 82 percent pass rate (23 passed, 5 failed)
  • Exceed the revenue limit on a recurring basis: 79 percent (11 passed, 3 failed)

WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen said the re-election of pro-public education Governor Tony Evers — who supports using $2 billion of the state’s $6 billion in surplus funds to boost public school funding including student programs and educator pay –is a signal that voters are ready for leaders to fix state school funding, phase out state funding for private voucher schools and address severe inequities in funding for our most vulnerable students.

The Republican-led Legislature has refused to support previous state budgets that would have addressed school funding and lessened the need for districts to repeatedly ask local taxpayers to pick up the tab where the state falls short. Wirtz-Olsen said our union will be advancing solutions in the wake of the General Election.

“Parents and educators work together every day to give children the best education possible, and it’s time our legislature take action to fix how public schools are funded,” Wirtz-Olsen said.

School Referendum Results