November 4, 2020

Voters Uphold Governor’s Veto Authority

Voters Uphold Governor’s Veto Authority Featured Image

The Wisconsin Legislature will not have a supermajority able to override Governor Tony Evers’ veto authority, voters determined in the General Election.

Democrats picked up two state Assembly seats, both candidates recommended by WEAC, to help keep the  governor’s veto authority intact. That upholds the checks-and-balances necessary to protect against steep cuts to public schools by Republican leadership. It also provides a measure of protection against other Republican priorities including expansion of unaccountable private voucher schools and the redrawing of voting maps. Republicans picked up two seats in the senate.

State Election Victories by WEAC-Recommended Candidates

  • Mark Pocan – Congressional District 2
  • Ron Kind – Congressional District 3
  • Gwen Moore – Congressional District 4
  • Brad Pfaff – State Senate District 32
  • Sarah Rodriguez – State Assembly District 13
  • Robyn Vining – State Assembly District 14
  • Deb Andraca – State Assembly District 23
  • Sue Conley – State Assembly District 44
  • Nick Milroy – State Assembly District 73
  • Beth Meyers – State Assembly District 74
  • Steve Doyle – State Assembly District 94