May 13, 2022

WEA Academy Teaching & Learning Offerings

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In partnership with the WEA Academy, WEAC’s Teaching and Learning program continues to develop new and innovative professional resources, workshops, and courses for members across the career continuum. Our programs are grounded in research and designed to be interactive and relevant for the moment.

Go to WEA Academy to sign up for some of these upcoming offerings, and many more.

Crayola Integrated Literacy & Art Workshop. Saturday, June 11th from 9-4 p.m. in Madison. In this fully hands-on workshop, educators will learn strategies to help students make their thinking visible, promote reflective thinking, and extract deeper meaning from children’s book illustrations as well as their own artwork. Participants receive $50 in art supplies as well as lesson plans. Crayola Integrated Literacy and Art Workshop – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Virtual Book Discussions. Book discussions are an excellent way to connect with educators across the state on issues that intersect at a place of potential personal and professional growth. This summer we are offering discussions on Chatter by Ethan Kross, Educated by Tara Westover, and The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink. Summer Virtual Book Study Series – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools. This course challenges educators to examine and evaluate personal views and practices, review issues within schools that impact LGBTQ+ youth and families as well as develop strategies for taking action to make our schools more inclusive. Mondays-Thursdays June 13-24th 9-11:30 a.m. Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Restorative Practices. One of our most popular courses comes back to an in-person weekend format July 15-17th. Restorative Practices aim to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within classrooms and school communities. Unlike many employers, the union does this one right. Available for graduate credit. Using Restorative Practices in Schools – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Jump Start. In collaboration with Summer Leadership Academy July 24-27th, this intensive support for National Board candidates creates a roadmap for members to becoming and NBCT. Jump Start – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Educator Wellness Retreat & Course. With generous support of the WEA Academy Board of Directors we can continue offering Building a Balanced Life, a yearslong course involving activities, challenges, and strategies for emotional, financial, and social well-being. Added this year is an in-person summer retreat we’re calling Getting Set for Your Happiest Year Yet! July 30th from 10-2 p.m. in New London.

Balanced Life Retreat: Getting Set for Your Happiest Year Yet! – Wisconsin Education Association Council (
Educator Wellness: Building a Balanced Life – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Modern Strategies for Family Engagement. The research is clear that students with families engaged with their teachers and school learn more and have fewer discipline issues. This blended learning course continues into the fall with statewide virtual and in-person sessions in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, La Crosse and Eau Claire. Modern Strategies for Family Engagement – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Best Practices in Classroom Management. Developed in direct response to what members were asking for around professional learning, this course explores such topics as setting expectations, strategies for practical management, culturally responsive practices, connecting and building relationships and tools for specific circumstances (e.g. trauma response, de-escalation). Starts in the fall. Best Practices in Classroom Management – Wisconsin Education Association Council (

Anti-Racist Toolkit. This toolkit designed by members from WEAC Regions 6 and 7 focuses on the four domains of learning that impact a child’s development and school experience:  1) physical (sleep, hydration, nutrition, movement, stress management), 2) emotional (thoughts/feelings about self), 3) social (relationships with others), and 4) academic (intellectual growth and curiosity). Anti-Racist Educator Toolkit (