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WEA Academy instructors are the driving force and backbone of our organization. We continually seek new timely and relevant course content related to the teaching profession. Currently we are seeking teachers and educational support professionals (ESPs) willing to develop and execute online or in-person webinars, workshops or courses. Experience using Moodle and Zoom is a plus.

Why Become a WEA Academy Instructor?

Learning doesn’t stop after college graduation. Continued learning and growth is essential to the success of educators and their students. By becoming a WEA Academy instructor you will help ensure the growth of fellow educators in the state. Explore our website to see all of the great work that our instructors bring to educators around Wisconsin. If you have a particular area of expertise or an idea for a course please complete the brief form below. Instructors are compensated for their time and intellectual property.

WEA Academy - Become an Instructor

Let's talk about you. Tell us about yourself and your idea for an education focused webinar, workshop or course.