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The WEAC We Can Do It Conduit

The goal of the WEAC Can Do It is to send a strong message to candidates for state office: there are a lot of us who care deeply about children and public schools!

The WEAC Can Do It is an ambitious, comprehensive and targeted campaign to elect candidates who are pro-public education. The idea is to have as many people as possible contribute a recommended minimum of $20 per month to the Fund. That money will then go to the campaigns of candidates who are pro-public education. The more people we have take part, the bigger impact we will have. And we have the potential to have a huge impact!

We know we are asking you for a significant sacrifice. But we’re only doing it because it is so important. Think about it. Your contributions, when combined with those of hundreds of others, will make a major statement about the importance of children and public education.

Here’s How It Works: You Have Total Control!

You Have Total Control! It’s simple. Just fill out the Agreement for Preauthorized Payments form, which will authorize the electronic transfer of funds from your checking or savings account to the Fund.

Your monthly contributions to the WEAC Can Do It are deposited in a bank account that is separate from all other WEAC accounts, including the WEAC-PAC account. Your money is kept under your name and you have your own Identification Number. Structurally, the Fund then acts like a bank, with disbursements permitted only with the explicit authorization of you, the contributor.

We work hard to identify those candidates who are truly pro-public education. We closely scrutinize the voting records and the campaign positions of those running for office.

While WEAC will be happy to offer recommendations on how your contributions will have the most impact, we can’t emphasize enough: You have total control over how your money is spent. At any time, you may direct your contributions, in whole or in part, to the candidates of your choosing. They can be candidates from any political party running for whichever office you care about.

Taking part in the WEAC Can Do It should not be seen as an alternative to contributing to the WEAC-PAC. They involve different types of contributions (PAC versus individual) and therefore give us the ability to get involved in campaigns in different ways. Both are important and necessary, so please be generous with both.

How do I get more information?

Please contact Torre Edwards: 1-800-362-8034 ext. 245 or EdwardsT@weac.org.