July 21, 2021

WEAC President Receives Award for LBGTQ+ Advocacy

WEAC President Receives Award for LBGTQ+ Advocacy Featured Image

WEAC President Ron Martin is the recipient of GSAFE Wisconsin’s 2021 Judi Devereux Community Organizer Award.

GSAFE, an organization dedicated to creating just schools for LBGTQ+ youth, presented the award to Martin for his work to champion inclusion and acceptance for all educators and students. He represents Wisconsin educators on state and national coalitions for school safety, diversity and restorative justice. As WEAC president, Martin has encouraged member involvement in GSAFE by supporting, promoting and partnering in events. Under his leadership, WEAC called on all Wisconsin school districts to adopt policies that protect and include trans and nonbinary students. He has worked to ensure inclusion and representation of LGBTQ+ members within WEAC committees, including initiating an LGBTQ+ advisory group.

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