June 16, 2021

WEAC President: Reckless Conduct by Republicans Endangers Students

WEAC President: Reckless Conduct by Republicans Endangers Students Featured Image
Ron Martin

The state-budget writing Joint Finance Committee’s inability to provide a basic level of funding for public schools puts $2.3 billion in federal relief funding at risk and has Wisconsin’s largest districts putting the breaks on pandemic recovery plans to help students and teachers recover.

“The reckless conduct by Republicans endangers Wisconsin students and the state’s public school infrastructure,” said WEAC President Ron Martin. “Republican lawmakers are playing a high-stakes game and willing to ante up our students. Enough is enough. Wisconsin schools need these federal funds to address school safety, academic achievement and mental health. It’s time for legislators to stop talking in circles and make a firm commitment so Wisconsin receives our fair share of funding.”


While critical federal pandemic funding for schools remains in limbo, Republican lawmakers have put legislation to limit transgender athletes on the fast track. The Assembly meets today to vote on the bills, targeting K-12 and college athletes.

“Teachers are here for all of our students, including transgender youth,” said Martin, an eighth-grade teacher and school volleyball coach. “The social and health benefits of school athletics benefit all pupils and WEAC is proud to stand with other groups to demand access for all students. There is no room in our schools for hate and discrimination.”