WEAC RA Staff Registration

It has been decided that WEAC will not cater a dinner on Friday evening because everyone is busy with doing their own thing in preparation for the RA and it might be inconvenient to break for dinner. There are many restaurants close to the hotel and there is a restaurant in the hotel, Lumberjack's Saloon if you do not want to leave the building.
I plan to attend the WEAC RA. Count me in the meal counts for the following meals:(Required)
Please carefully consider your travel plans as we anticipate this WEAC RA to be over in the later afternoon and not running later into the evening like RA's have in the past. If you sign up for a hotel room for Saturday and then decide (since we got done early) to head home, we are unable to cancel the hotel room that day without incurring a charge. WEAC will still have to pay for the room if you decide to leave. Let's try to be fiscally responsible with our members' dues and consider our travel plans carefully when signing up for lodging.
I plan to arrive on Friday, April 19th. Please make a hotel reservation for me for this night.(Required)
I plan to stay Saturday night. Please make a hotel reservation for me for Saturday, April 20th.(Required)