July 30, 2020Amy Hoffman

Weekly Webinar Wednesday

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Whether you are going back to school in person or online, we have a semester long series of WEAC Wednesday Webinars designed to support your ongoing professional learning. Topics have been narrowed down to those which will directly benefit your well-being, your students and their families. Sessions are just one hour long and have been designed for and geared to active teacher members, educational support professionals (ESPs) and Aspiring Educators.  All webinars are from 6-7 p.m. Only WEAC members are allowed to attend; this is one of the many benefits of your union membership.

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November 25

NO WEBINAR – Thanksgiving Holiday


December 2

Title: A Web Whiteboard: Real Time Learning

Description: A quick, no fuss, join and go interactive whiteboard tool with unlimited potential.

Presenter: Ellen Brooks and Kelsey Lafferty


December 9

Title: epic! The Netflix of Books

Description: epic! promotes student reading voice and choice. Learn to assign students books as a class, in groups or individually and create, edit, or utilize collections on topics or themes. Understand how to monitor student progress through tracking tools to influence comprehension.

Presenters: Ellen Brooks and Kelsey Lafferty


December 16

Title: Deeper Learning In 4K:  The Foundation of Success in Every Grade

Take a virtual tour of a 4K classroom to discover how the principles of deeper learning are used to guide the planning process, create the learning environment, and scaffold student learning. Make connections between the foundation of deeper learning in 4K and learning in subsequent grades.

Presenter: Susan Wetrich


January 6, 2021

Title:  New York Times Learning Network

This session will highlight the strategies to access and utilize the extensive New York Times Learning Network. Our presenter will feature the free lesson plans, resources and contests available to educators.

Presenter: Bryan Milz