May 14, 2020

BEA Reaches Out to Beloit’s Graduating Seniors

BEA Reaches Out to Beloit’s Graduating Seniors Featured Image

The Beloit Education Association bought yard signs for all of the graduating seniors from Beloit Memorial High School and Beloit Learning Academy, and took the lead in distributing the signs to the students. Teachers, including BEA president Tim Vedra and vice president James Hoey, help deliver the signs to students’ homes.

In Beloit, and across Region 6 and the rest of the state, local education associations are coming up with creative ideas to make graduation special for their students. While all of us have been greatly impacted by the coronavirus and the social distancing measures that have been employed to prevent its spread, high school seniors have had a disproportionate number of one-time life events altered or canceled. The BEA’s yard signs are giving back a little bit of what has been lost.