September 10, 2020

AEW – President-Elect Election

AEW – President-Elect Election Featured Image

The NEA and WEAC are member-led organizations, and so is the Aspiring Educators program at all levels!

We will be electing a president-elect at our Aspiring Educators October Board of Directors meeting held via Zoom on Saturday, October 17. The elected individual will take office immediately upon conclusion of the election. This allows time for that individual to learn how to be the Aspiring Educators president, which is effective at the conclusion of the October Board of Directors meeting.

All current Aspiring Educators members are eligible to run as Aspiring Educators president-elect. If you nominate, you should plan to speak to the Aspiring Educators Board at the October 17 meeting. More detailed information will be provided to you if you choose to be a candidate for this position.

Nominations accepted through October 9th.