May 6, 2021

Andrea Izdepski, Arcadia 4K Teacher, Named Badgers Outstanding Educator

Andrea Izdepski, Arcadia 4K Teacher, Named Badgers Outstanding Educator Featured Image
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Andrea Izdepski, a four-year-old Kindergarten teacher in the School District of Arcadia, is a 2020-21 Badgers Outstanding Educator.

“I teach because I believe every child deserves someone that will make them feel smart, special, safe, accepted and loved,” said Izdepski, who her students call Miss Andie. “I teach because I enjoy seeing growth and accomplishment put a smile on a child’s face. I teach because I can make a difference, to a child and their family. I teach because I enjoy the challenge of learning about a child and how they learn best. I enjoy meeting a child that faces adversity and although others may turn them away, I gravitate toward them. I want to learn everything I can about each child, so together we can accomplish great things.”

In addition to teaching, Miss Andie is a summer swimming lessons coordinator, and has coached park and recreation softball and volleyball for many years. She has also served as organizer of a summer workout program for female athletes, head volleyball coach, spring youth volleyball coach and a youth group mentor.

Miss Andie was nominated by Arcadia fourth-grade teacher Taylor Haines, who said the 4K teacher was deserving of recognition from the Badgers for going above and beyond every day for her students. “When her students enter her classroom at the beginning of each school year, the majority do not speak much, if any, English,” Haines wrote. “However, this does not stop her from building those deep and lasting relationships with each and every one of them. She inspires learning in each of her students and truly builds a love for learning. She is passionate about what she does and puts everyone before herself.  She makes many sacrifices daily, simply to best meet the needs of her students.”