March 10, 2021

Lacey Vinger, Kickapoo Elementary, Named Badgers Outstanding Educator

Lacey Vinger, Kickapoo Elementary, Named Badgers Outstanding Educator Featured Image

Lacey Vinger

Lacey Vinger, a fourth-grade teacher in the Kickapoo Area School District in Viola, is a 2020-21 Badgers Outstanding Educator.

“In a small school, you get involved in everything,” Vinger said. “We are a family, a great team much like the Badgers.”

Vinger has 35 years in the teaching profession, describing it as her passion and love. “I embrace and welcome each day with my students,” she said. “Together we learn so many wonderful things. The future is within the walls of a school. I take pride in giving these young, impressionable minds the love and tools they need as they progress through their educational years and beyond. I am so proud and blessed to be a teacher and a lifelong Wisconsin Badger, too.”

Vinger was nominated by Kickapoo Area Schools Elementary Principal Kimberly Johnson, who said, “Lacey not only builds lasting relationships with her students, but with her families as well. She not only teaches concepts and skills, but compassion, respect, appreciation and kindness as well.”


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