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KEA Committees

KEA committees address a wide range of membership issues and interests. Some are committees addressing professional concerns, while others help carry out the democratic processes of the union. Any member can make recommendations for the creation of committee about a particular topic or concern they are interested in by emailing keaunion@gmail.com.

All KEA members are invited to join one (or more) of our union’s committees. Committees usually meet once a month or every other month, with the meeting dates posted on our website.

Working Conditions Committee

For KEA members who want to actively work on improving district policies and practices in order to attract and retain high quality educators in KUSD.

Handbook and Policy Committee (New)

KEA has an opportunity to forward suggestions for changes to our handbook to the incoming KUSD administration and board. We are looking for members interested in researching handbooks in neighboring districts and making recommendations for updates that will enhance protections and working conditions for educators. Dates and times for any meetings will be based on the group.

Racial Justice in Education Committee (New)

In an article by Rethinking Schools, social justice unionism is defined as a union that “builds on the strengths of traditional “bread and butter” unionism. But it recognizes that our future depends on redefining unionism from a narrow trade union model, focused almost exclusively on protecting union members, to a broader vision that sees the future of unionized workers tied directly to the interests of the entire working class and the communities, particularly communities of color, in which we live and work.” Striving to create more equitable, anti-racist spaces for our students should be foundational to the work we do as a union. Members of this committee should be interested in participating in or facilitating discussions/actions/work around racial, social, and economic justice and equity in our schools, district policies, and our union.

KEPAC Committee

School board elections play an important role in your professional life as an educator. KEPAC is a special committee that was developed to encourage the active participation of Kenosha teachers, ESPs, and substitutes in local elections. KEPAC members assist in vetting potential candidates to endorse, developing a candidate questionnaire, conducting candidate interviews, and making an endorsement recommendation to the KEA General Membership before election day.

Meet and Confer Committee

Through collective action, KEA won the opportunity to voice concerns with the district on topics important to members through a campaign for meet and confer. Meet and Confer committee members identify which teaching and learning concerns should be prioritized at sessions; help develop strategy, voice concerns, and prep for sessions with KUSD leadership.

Membership and Organizing Committee

Our strength and power as an organization is found in our members. The more members of our union, the better we can advocate for meaningful changes in our public schools. The Membership and Organizing Development Committee works to developing strategies to increase membership, member engagement, identify new leaders within the association, as well as recommend professional development opportunities that members would find beneficial and planning social gatherings.

Parent and Community Liaison Committee

We are a more effective union when we work closely with and build meaningful relationships with the community we serve. When we combine academic knowledge and community wisdom, we can be more successful in creating the schools our students deserve. Members of this committee work to build and strengthen relationships with parents in order to identify student needs and concerns; develop strategies to promote the association and its value to parents and the community; develop and strengthen relationships between the association and community groups; develop and implement strategies to forward the concerns of the membership to the District and community; develop and implement strategies for organized responses to attacks on public education.

Young Learners Committee

The purpose of the Young Learners Committee is to discuss and identify needs and solutions focused on the teaching and nurturing of our youngest students (4k – 3rd grade). The committee’s goal is to influence positive changes around curriculum and classroom practices that support the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of young learners and sets them up for success in KUSD.

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