October 11, 2023

Milwaukee Teacher Claudia Heller de Messer is an Outstanding Educator

Milwaukee Teacher Claudia Heller de Messer is an Outstanding Educator Featured Image

The newest WEA Member Benefits and WEAC Outstanding Educator is Claudia Heller de Messer, a Multilingual Learners Specialist at Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts. She will be honored on October 15 when the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team takes on the University of Maryland at the UW Fieldhouse in Madison.

Heller de Messer is the recipient of a 2023 Herb Kohl Award for outstanding teaching and has also been recognized as a 2024 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year.

“I love watching students learn English,” Heller de Messer said. “At the beginning they are silent and taking in all the language. Then, poof, they are speaking and can’t stop themselves. Meanwhile, these amazing students develop their reading and writing skills too. It’s delightful to watch.”

Heller de Messer has taught in Milwaukee Public Schools for 26 years. At Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts, she works with 110 English language learners who among them speak 19 languages. Many of her students’ families are recent immigrants or refugees. Some of her students have lived in refugee camps.

“I wanted to work with young people as they were learning new skills. I have always loved witnessing the joy and exhilaration that learning brings to everyone,” Heller de Messer said. “I’m proud of the relationship I have with my students, their families, and my own family.”

Heller de Messer is also a proud member of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association and WEAC.

“There is power in numbers and a united voice to secure best practices for students and their teachers,” Heller de Messer said.

Do you or a Wisconsin public school teacher you know deserve extra recognition as an Outstanding Educator? If so, complete this nomination form on the Wisconsin Badgers Athletic Department website. The form asks you to write a paragraph or two about what makes this educator stand out. Educators are welcome to nominate themselves.

The Outstanding Educator program is sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEAC.