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During Teacher Appreciation Week and EVERY week, Wisconsin Public School educators go above and beyond to keep students learning, safe and supported. Thank an educator who makes a difference in your life by posting a thank you note today. Your message will be shared across Wisconsin and your featured teacher may be selected for special recognition.

Send A Thank You

In 2024, May 6-10 is national Teacher Appreciation Week. With this special attention focused on educators, there is the opportunity to rally public support for public schools and the people who work in them.

This toolkit assembled below includes recommendations for amplifying Teacher Appreciation Week in your local association. You can also, any time of year, encourage colleagues and community members to go to WEAC’s Thank a Teacher page to give special recognition to an educator they know.

“How Can I Help?”

During Teacher Appreciation Week, educators are often asked how parents and the general public can show their appreciation. We have a set of recommended responses for turning this sentiment into action.

  1. Send a personal note: A nice hand-written letter – or even just an email or text – from a parent, caretaker, sibling or student goes a long way.
  2. Shout your praise: Tell everyone you know, one at a time or all at once by tagging them in a social media post.
  3. Spread the good news: Parents, caretakers, and families can share stories about how educators go above and beyond for students.
  4. Volunteer to help: An educator’s work is never done. Offer to pitch in some time before or after school to help your school’s teachers.
  5. Advocate for public schools: Urge your policy makers to support equitable investments in the tools and resources that students need.

Social Media

In this environment, social media posts focused on appreciation can garner extra attention. Below are recommended graphics and messages for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week for members to use and share.

Monday, May 6

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. One thing you can do to show your appreciation is to send one of the educators who work your child, or a teacher in your community who you know, a personal note about how you recognize their contributions and support them.

Tuesday, May 7, National Teacher Day

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day. If you say, Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day to an educator you know, they will appreciate it. What they would probably appreciate even more is your advocacy for public education in Wisconsin. Contact your elected officials and express your support for elected officials who support equitable investments in the tools and resources students need.

Wednesday, May 8

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Today is a good day to shout your praise for the educators in your community. Tell them one at a time and/or tag them in a social media post. You can also thank that educator on the WEAC Thank a Teacher page.

Thursday, May 9

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Today is a good day to spread the good news about public schools and the people who work in them. Share a story about how an educator made a profound impact on your life or repost an article about an educator who went above and beyond for their students. Share the same story on the WEAC Thank a Teacher page.

Friday, May 10

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. An educator’s work is never done. Offer to pitch in some time before or after school to help your school’s teachers. Your offer will be appreciated and so will your help.

The National Education Association’s National Teacher Appreciation Week Campaign

This year, the National Education Association is organizing communities to listen to and stand with teachers and unite to take action and demand leaders provide the resources and respect educators deserve. Because every student – no matter the color of their skin or the ZIP code they live in – deserves educators who are caring, committed, and have the resources they need to help every student succeed.

The NEA has also collected stories on NEA.org by and about educators that can be shared to highlight the impact public school employees have on students’ lives every day.  #ThankATeacher With Educator Spotlights is a roundup of stories that showcase just a few of our exceptional educators going beyond the call of duty to help students succeed during a challenging and unconventional school year. You can view the full library of educator spotlight stories and share your favorites with #ThankATeacher.

WEAC Statewide Message

In our latest statewide radio message, WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen encourages continued partnership between parents and educators to keep students learning.

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Solving the Educator Shortage

WEAC is working hard to advance solutions from frontline educators for solving staffing shortages in our schools. Professional pay, realistic workloads and a voice in school decisions are among what educators need.

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