November 4, 2020

Support Soars for Fair Voting Maps

Support Soars for Fair Voting Maps Featured Image

A referendum on fair voting maps was approved in 11 Wisconsin counties and three municipalities in November’s General Election.

Polling shows the vast majority of people in Wisconsin support fair maps already, with 72 percent of people in Wisconsin – representing Republicans, Democrats and Independents, saying they want a nonpartisan committee to draw voting districts.

While the referendum against gerrymandering does not change legislation, it does send a strong message to state legislators.

Counties Calling for Fair Maps
Adams County
Bayfield County
Brown County
Crawford County
Door County
Dunn County
Iowa County
Jefferson County
Kenosha County
Rusk County
Waushara County
Municipalities Passing Fair Maps Referendum
These join 16 other municipalities that have passed such a referendum over the past couple of years.
Land O’Lakes