Here are some of the bills we’re watching:

Workers First Package

This series of bills is designed to improve the lives of Wisconsin workers. This package would:

  • Reinstate collective bargaining for public employees so that Wisconsin workers can have a say in their wages, hours, and conditions of employment;
  • Make it easier for Wisconsin workers to organize together;
  • Prevent wage discrimination against women and other protected classes;
  • Allow local governments to have more of a say on matters of the minimum wage and family medical leave.

 Here are details of bills included in the package:

  1. Bargaining over Wages, Hours, and Conditions of Employment for Public Employees (LRB 4276) Memo
  2. Prevailing Wage (LRB 239) Memo
  3. Allowing the Enactment of Family and Medical Leave (LRB 721) Memo
  4. Local Minimum Wage Ordinances (LRB 734) Memo
  5. Project Labor Agreements & Public Contracts (LRB 3228) Memo
  6. Covenants Not to Compete in Employment Contracts (LRB 3971) Memo
  7. Repealing Wisconsin’s “Right-to-Work” Law (No LBR) Memo

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