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WEAC Future Educators Scholarship

The WEAC Scholarship is established to encourage entrance into the field of education by children of eligible members. Those chosen to receive the scholarship will be granted $1,450 per year for up to four years of study, to be used to pay for all or part of the recipient’s fees and tuition, provided they remain eligible. Applications are due February 1, 2024.

To be eligible for a WEAC Scholarship, the applicant must:

  1. Be the child of a WEAC member in good standing. The applicant may also be the child of a person who died while
    holding membership.
  2.  Present a completed application consisting of:
    a. The application form;
    b. A current official high school transcript;
    c. An essay, not to exceed 300 words, stating why the applicant wants to enter the education profession and
    what he/she hopes to accomplish;
    d. A statement signed by the applicant’s guidance counselor or by administrative personnel certifying the
    applicant’s cumulative grade point average on a four-point scale and certifying class rank; and
    e. Two (2) letters of recommendation;
    1. One (1) letter must be from a classroom teacher who is familiar with the applicant’s academic
    performance and school activities; and
    2. One (1) letter must be from a community member, outside the school setting, who is familiar with the
    applicant’s involvement in community activities.
  3. Be a high school senior.
  4. Be enrolled in a public school under supervision of a publicly elected school board.
  5. Planning to pursue an education major or minor and intending to be employed in the education profession in
  6.  The applicant must rank in the top 25% of his/her graduating class or have achieved a 3.0 cumulative grade point
    average (based on a non-weighted 4.0 scale) at the time of application. (All A’s = 4 points, B’s = 3 points, C’s = 2
    points, D’s = 1 point, F’s = 0 points.)
  7.  Show evidence of involvement in school and community activities.