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WEAC Representative Assembly New Business Items 1-4

New Business Item #1

In 1974, while engaged in a bitter strike, 84 members of the Hortonville Education Association, an affiliate of WEAC-Fox Valley/WEAC/NEA, were unjustly fired and unduly replaced by their school district. WEAC condemns the strikebreakers who crossed the picket line in Hortonville. WEAC honors the Hortonville Education Association members who pulled together to improve learning conditions for students and working conditions for educators everywhere. True, they sacrificed their jobs – but they sacrificed much more than that. After their struggle, no one could ever deny collective bargaining is a fundamental right. Let us honor the Hortonville 84 by emulating their resolve. Let us respect the courage of the HEA by “pulling together” and restoring our rights. This policy is to be reviewed annually by the WEAC Representative Assembly.

Submitted by:  WEAC Board of Directors

New Business Item #2

WEAC will create a cross department work team that will create a plan for the 2025-2027 Wisconsin State Budget that will address all of the inadequacies in the state’s commitment to funding PK-16 education to be adopted by the WEAC Board of Directors.

Submitted by:  Jesse Martinez

New Business Item #3

WEAC will utilize its collective resources to advocate for the revision of retirement rules for teachers in Wisconsin in order to roll back the restrictions imposed under the previous Scott Walker administration. Thus, allowing retired teachers to return to work without undue limitations on their hours or earnings. WEAC will emphasize the urgent need to address teacher shortages and the importance of retaining experienced educators in the profession.

Submitted by Gretchen Kubeny

New Business Item #4

WEAC will work aggressively with its coalition partners to defeat both Constitutional amendments being proposed on the August 13th primary ballot. The Republican drafted amendments are designed to again dilute the power of the Governor as was done during the lame-duck session prior to Governor Evers taking office.

The proposed amendments follow: 1) The legislature may not delegate its sole power to determine how moneys shall be appropriated. 2) The governor may not allocate any federal moneys without the approval of the legislature by joint resolution or as provided by legislative rule.

Submitted by: James Blank

New Business Item #5

WEAC will use its collective resources to lobby support for Wisconsin Assembly Bill 805, the “Wisconsin Healthy School Meals For All Act”. This bill provides additional state aid to public and private schools in this state that provide free meals to all pupils. The bill guarantees that an eligible school ( will receive a total amount in state and federal aid that will reimburse the eligible school an amount equal to the free meal reimbursement rate for each meal the eligible school serves. Eligible schools are those that 1) participate in both the National School Lunch Program and the federal School Breakfast Program for the school year; and 2) for each school day in which school is in session during the school year, provides to any pupil who requests one, at no cost to the pupil, one lunch and one breakfast that meet the federal food, nutritional, and other requirements for meals served under the federal programs.

Submitted by Natasha Sullivan

Fiscal Impact: none