December 21, 2021

WEAC, State Superintendent Urge School Leaders to Follow Expert Recommendations

WEAC, State Superintendent Urge School Leaders to Follow Expert Recommendations Featured Image

Letter from Dr. Jill Underly Calls for Implementing Masks, Quarantining and Other Safety Measures.

Schools across Wisconsin are seeing some of the highest case-rates of new COVID-19 cases, prompting the State Superintendent to urge school leaders to follow medical expert recommendations to slow the spread of the virus.

Just last week, the Madison School District experienced the highest rates since the start of the school year and in Manitowoc County, the health commissioner is urging parents to vaccinate children.

WEAC’s Safe and Healthy Schools Plan, released at the start of the school year, continues to be our union’s platform for organizing educators in local associations. “Universal masking, vaccinations and science-based decisions are key to keeping everyone as safe as possible and in-person learning continuing in 2022,” WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen said. “All of these decisions must be made in partnership with local education unions.”

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State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly released a letter to all state district administrators this week, urging them to lead by following recommendations set by medical experts.

“To protect them, you must institute layered protection strategies in your schools,” Dr. Underly wrote. “If students are sick, they need to be sent home. We’ve known that is best practice for ages, and it’s not unique to COVID-19, but it’s more important than ever today. Students, teachers, school staff and all visitors to school buildings need to wear a mask. Students and staff who have COVID-19 or are close contacts must follow quarantine guidelines and they must have access to an education during this time.

“This is how we keep our children and educators healthy and alive, our schools and communities safe, and our students learning,” Dr. Underly said.