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When WEAC’s thousands of members take action, it doesn’t take long to achieve a lot of good for our students and profession. The members of the Wisconsin Education Association Council have a long list of improvements achieved through our activism, and we’re not stopping now!

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Latest Research

Title 1
Portable Title 1 funding an effort to advance vouchers, study finds

Teacher Pay
Report claiming schools would be more efficient if teachers were paid less, class sizes increased misses the mark

Teacher Prep
Beware reports peddling teacher preparation fixes

Class Size
New study: Smaller Class Sizes Really Do Matter

Texas efficiency report requires more evidence

Teacher Incentives

Review Examines Study on Transfer Incentives for High-Performing Teachers

Value Added
Value Added: Measuring the Impacts of Teachers

Virtual Schools

Report on virtual learning misses the bus, analysis finds

Virtual schools in the U.S.A. 2014

Vouchers & Privately Run Charters
Policymakers should ignore flawed report seeking more taxpayer funds for privately run charter schools