January 9, 2023

Amplifying Allie: Educators Amplified Podcast

Amplifying Allie: Educators Amplified Podcast Featured Image

Our guest, Allie, is in her third year as a classroom teacher. She started her career during a global pandemic and teacher exodus. She is authentic about hardships and of questioning herself during the start of her career. She asks the question a lot of teachers identify with: are we ever ‘good enough’?

Allie, Hallie, and Joanna chat about how they know each other and Allie’s immediate connection and inspiration to teach nervous system regulation in the classroom. She expresses how it has served her as a teacher and her ability to manage it all with this base-level understanding.

Lastly, hear about Allie’s experience within WEAC – from Aspiring Educator to Early Career Educator (ECE) to Local President – she gains her energy from her work with WEAC. In the words of Allie, “joining the Union is a kind of a no-brainer”.


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