September 21, 2023

Greater Than Hate Coalition Announces Sept. 23-30 is “Parents Week of Action”

Greater Than Hate Coalition Announces Sept. 23-30 is “Parents Week of Action” Featured Image

WEAC/NEA is a proud partner of the Greater Than Hate coalition, launching the Parents Week of Action September 23-30 to oppose hate in all its forms.

“Our union of educators believes in opportunity for all students and in the power of public education to transform lives creating a more just and inclusive society,” said teacher Peggy Wirtz-Olsen, WEAC President. “We are committed to working with parents in our communities to build a network of advocates for all students, no exceptions.”


During this week of action, parents and organizations will hold a variety of events to uplift LGBTQ+ students, equip parents and guardians to stand up for their rights and those of their youth and raise awareness about the rising tide of book bans, anti-trans legislation and curriculum censorship that deprives children of a full and complete education. Wisconsin’s Week of Action includes:

• Monday, Sept. 25: Knowing Your Rights
• Tuesday, Sept. 26: Writing Letters to the Editor
• Wednesday, Sept. 27: Supporting Inclusive Education
• Thursday, Sept. 28: Protecting the Right to Read
• Friday, Sept. 29: Attending School Board Meetings

See the Wisconsin Week of Action Toolkit Here.

“Schools should be places where all of our students, no matter their ZIP code, gender, or
background, are free to be who they are and where we lay a foundation to help them reach their full, brilliant potential,” said NEA President Becky Pringle. “But this school year, some extreme politicians continue to politicize public education and create increasingly hostile and dangerous environments. By joining together and speaking up at school board meetings, contacting our elected leaders, and voting to fully fund our public schools, we can make this a country where all students have the freedom to learn, grow, and thrive.”