MTEA Executive Board

The MTEA Executive Board is comprised of MTEA members representing all school levels. They meet the first Wednesday of every month during the school year.

MTEA members determine the positions, the direction and activities of the union through their elected representatives. The entire membership votes on major decisions such as the election of Officers and ratification of contracts.

Elected leaders set policy. Educators who serve in the leadership positions of the MTEA are elected by the general membership. With the exception of the President and Vice President, MTEA Board members work full-time in schools. They perform their policy-making duties after school, on a voluntary basis.

The MTEA President and Vice President are released from school duties on a full-time basis during the term of office to carry out MTEA’s mission.

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Ingrid Walker-Henry, President

Eric Gullickson, Secretary

Luz Chaparro Hernandez, Treasurer

Alex Brower, Substitute Teacher President

Joseph Brusky, Intermediate Rep.

Tanita Campbell, Accountant/Bookkeeper President

Crystal Ealy, Educational Assistant Vice President

Becky Flagg, ESP-150 President

John Fleissner, Senior High Rep.

Michael Glabere, At-Large EA Rep.

Adrienne Hicks, Educational Assistant President

Shamika Johnson, Middle School Rep.

Elizabeth Kosmach, Special Education Rep.

Gregory Lampark, Senior High School Rep.

Michael Langyel, MTEA-Retired President

Monica Lopez, Kindergarten-Primary Rep.

Amanda McIlhone, Intermediate Rep.

Connor Morris, Middle School Rep.

Shari Redel, Kindergarten-Primary Rep.

Rachel Schlueter, Kindergarten-Primary Rep.

Meg Skwierawski, Middle School Rep.

Dawn Tower, Senior High School Rep.

Wanda Welch, Intermediate Rep.

Michelle Wright, Special Education Rep.

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