WEAC Region 6

About Region 6

Region 6 Zones and Locals

WEAC Region 6 is a regional organization that creates opportunities for local unions to empower their members to attain everything they want to achieve in their careers and their classrooms. Affiliated with the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the National Education Association, the region, consisting of more than 80 local unions in school districts throughout southern and southwestern Wisconsin, provides professional assistance and expertise that local leaders and members can use for community organizing, local advocacy, professional development, member representation, legal advice and collective bargaining. All of this together helps the members of Region 6 maximize their potential in their classrooms, in the process maximizing their students’ opportunities to learn and grow.

A union’s strength is in its numbers, and WEAC Region 6 brings together almost 5,000 education employees in southern and southwestern Wisconsin.The new WEAC Region 6 helps each local develop and grow independently as it also gives all members access to greater resources—both human and material. Local associations know best what their members, schools and communities need.School employees have the best perspective on what is best for their students, and Region 6 amplifies the voice of school employees in discussions about how best to run schools and allocate resources.