Personalized. Flexible. Job-embedded.

Members of WEAC have access to over 150 personalized, flexible, job-embedded micro-credentials at no charge. One of the fastest growing forms of professional learning, micro-credentials are a competency-based recognition of your mastery in a knowledge base or skill set. Micro-credentials are designed for teachers and education support professionals, are recognized nationally, and are accessible at your convenience, 24/7.

Create your own professional learning journey based on your interests and career goals. To better understand the flexibility and autonomy micro-credentials provide, visit Kettle Moraine library-media specialist and WEAC member Alyssa Voigt’s piece on Edutopia. Sample micro-credentials include:

  • Bully and Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Virtual Engagement Strategies
  • Climate Justice
  • Working with English Learners
  • First Nations Education
  • Universal Standards and Levels of Practice for Education Support Professionals
  • Creating Safe School Spaces for LGBTQ+ Students
  • Classroom Management
  • ESSA – Opportunity and Voice
  • Cooperating Teacher Best Practices
  • Early Career Educator (InTASC)
  • National Board Five Core Propositions

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Benefits to Educators & Employers