March 12, 2024

Senate Passes Anti-Trans Bill Over WEAC’s Objections

Senate Passes Anti-Trans Bill Over WEAC’s Objections Featured Image

After being voted down in committee, the GOP-controlled Senate passed the anti-trans athlete bill on March 12, likely the last day the Senate will meet this year.

The bill would ban high school transgender athletes from competing on girls’ sports teams.

Governor Tony Evers has promised repeatedly to veto the bill. Many are questioning the motives of Republicans passing a bill they know will not become law, especially after the bill failed in committee.

WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen had urged legislators to stop targeting vulnerable groups of students for political points.

“Research shows that four in 10 LGBTQ+ students have considered suicide in the past year. Sensationalized public debates over legislation that stigmatizes and vilifies trans youth do nothing to improve the mental-health environment many LGBTQ+ students struggle to navigate,” Wirtz-Olsen said.

“Educators oppose any effort to single out a group of students through targeted legislation outlawing opportunities,” Wirtz-Olsen said. “Students see efforts by legislators to place a wedge between students in their schools as another in a long line of personal attacks by bullies. Attacking youth for their sexuality will not make them change who they are. Instead of spending time devising laws to marginalize students, Wisconsin’s public-school educators urge state leaders to embrace solutions for bringing them together.”