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Appleton’s Marcia Engen to receive education leadership award

Retired Appleton educator Marcia Engen will be honored this week as recipient of the tenth annual Thomas G. Scullen Leadership Award, the Appleton Education Foundation has announced. Engen is a longtime active WEAC member and currently a member of WEAC Retired/Region 10. “No one is ever excluded from a public school … and I believe common schools that were the vision of our state constitution have provided all of us with an opportunity to serve our communities and our public schools,” she said.


New study of New York City’s massive ‘Community Schools’ program paints encouraging picture

A massive Community Schools program in New York City is demonstrating encouraging signs of progress, according to a comprehensive study released Wednesday by the Rand Corporation. One principal is quoted as saying: “The idea of supporting the entire family, as opposed to just looking at the child, it does so much. It says to the family, we’re here to do whatever we can to work with you to improve your child’s academic success.”


Bullying can present itself in many ways

Bullying is sometimes very obvious – a big kid pushing a smaller kid around – but much more subtle forms of bullying can be just as harmful, says Prairie du Sac guidance counselor Anne Uphoff. “It could be leaving someone out on purpose,” Uphoff says in a Sauk Prairie Eagle article. “It could be where someone is really nice to you one-on-one, but in a crowd as a bystander they might not do anything. We try to get them to realize how that might look to the other child.”


Review exposes faults in Walton family study calling for more private charters

A new analysis strikes down a Walton Family Foundation report that supports expanded public funding of private charter schools. The National Education Policy Center says the Walton study is flawed and based on biased data. In fact, privately run charter schools in most cases fall behind public schools when it comes to student performance despite the fact that public schools are open to students of all backgrounds.


October 9-13 is National School Lunch Week! 

October 9-13 is School Lunch Week, and this year’s theme is “School Lunch: Recipes for Success,” which is designed to help you share positive school lunch stories and the secret ingredients to success! Help celebrate healthy school lunches and the many great Education Support Professionals who work every day in our school cafeterias to keep our students healthy and ready to learn!


Proposed law would increase teacher awareness, authority regarding student misconduct

Proposed legislation to increase teacher awareness and authority to deal with student misconduct could create additional rights for educators, including the authority to remove students from our classroom for two days, use reasonable force to defend ourselves and other students, receive information about a pupil taken into custody for a violent crime, and request a suspension hearing.