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Are you a WEAC-/NEA Retired Member wishing to join a Local Chapter? Here’s how to add a local chapter membership:

Fill out sections 1 and 2 of the WEAC Retired Membership Form (click button above). Then follow these instructions:

Section 3: Leave blank, since you are already a WEAC-/NEA-Retired member.

Section 4: Select the box of the local chapter you wish to join.

Section 5: Initial payment authorization.

Section 6: Put a 0 in WEAC & NEA, and the amount of your local chapter dues.

Section 7: Select your payment method. We strongly recommend one payment in full to WEAC.

Section 8: Sign and date.

Section 9: Send the form & check to:

WEAC-Retired Membership, PO Box 8003, Madison, WI 53708

Questions? Contact WEAC at membership@weac.org, 800-362-8034 x507

Why Join?

Member Benefits

WEAC Member Benefits: WEA Credit Union; WEAC Savers’ Club discounts on hotels, airfare, recreation including golfing and skiing, Disney and other theme park discounts, and more!

WEA Member Benefits: Personal Insurance programs including auto, home/condo/renters, additional liability (umbrella). Retirement Investment and Savings programs including 403(b) TSA, and the WEAC IRA (Roth and Traditional) which is open to WEAC members and their families. Retirement Income Analysis program – a fee-based retirement planning service (WEAC-R discounts available).

Free publications: WEAC-Retired’s Keeping in Touch newsletter, WEAC-Retired Newsletters.

NEA Member Benefits

  • Low cost insurance: Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance; MemberCare MediCare Supplement Program; Guaranteed Issue Life Plan Insurance; Three-Way Home Protection Plan; Term Life Insurance.
  • Free publication — NEA’s; nea Today FOR NEA-RETIRED MEMBERS
  • NEA Attorney Referral Program (two 30-minute consultations free; receive a 30% discount in attorney fees for certain legal services). Participating Wisconsin law firms.
  • Free liability insurance for NEA-Retired members who substitute teach.
  • NEA-Sponsored FDIC Insured Money Market Account.
  • NEA Credit Plan (signature loan from $3 – $15K).
  • NEA Car Rental Program (Hertz price advantage).
  • NEA Premier Gold MasterCard (no annual fee).
  • NEA Magazine Service (350 magazines).
  • NEA-Sponsored GoldCertificate CD.