Spanish for Educators

This course is designed to help educators develop cultural understanding and a repertoire of communication skills to converse with ELL/Spanish-speaking students and their family members.


You can enroll in this course at any time. It is self-paced and instructor-guided to be completed within 90 days of registration.


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Reviews (3)

  1. Viki Gardner

    It was very easy to access this course and all components are well organized. From a student’s perspective, it is very easy to see where to start, how to navigate the course, how to submit assignments, and so on.

    The activities are all well developed with lots of interactive ones for the students, which keeps them engaged throughout the course. Outside websites are included to further enhance the students’ learning. The learning objectives are clear, and all the components are aligned well with the objectives and with each other in order to provide the best learning experience possible.

    The teacher is readily available to help and answer any questions. She is helpful and always responds in a timely manner.

    This is an exciting course for educators, and one that is definitely needed! As a teacher in Texas, I wish I would have had the opportunity to take such a course years ago, when I was teaching face-to-face; I always had several Spanish-speaking students in my class, and I had to depend on them or their siblings to interpret for parents in conferences. It made me feel bad because I wished I could have communicated with them on my own. This class gives teachers the tools needed to more effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking students and parents.

    I highly recommend this class–it’s a winner!

  2. Terry Parisi

    I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning Spanish on an entry level to be able to communicate with Spanish speaking students. The course had fun activities all focused on teaching and communicating with students and parents. There were written as well as verbal assignments that you sent to the instructor through a voice activated application that comes with the course. The instructor was available both through email and phone and she was very helpful and prompt. I enjoyed this course and think it was well worth my time and money.

  3. Allison Thomae

    I would highly recommend this class for teachers who would like to be more confident speaking Spanish with students and families. I was able to hold a parent teacher conference in Spanish after completing this course. The instructor is helpful and easy to access via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. I think that the course is well worth the money and with continued practice, you will be able to use Spanish on a daily basis with students and families.

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